​​​Louise Gilbert, The Intime Collective (the expert)
Luke Cook, FUNLOCKA (the host)
Georgie Drury, Springday (powered by us!)

One of the most significant elements of a happy and healthy life right now and always, is the relationships we have with others. Family, friends, community and at work. Speaking of work… Did you know, if you have a best friend at work, you’re likely to be 7 x more engaged in your job? And this helps your performance too.

As humans, we’re wired for connection – did you know we are the most social species in the world?
But what are good relationships and how can we go about building them..?
And what would happen if you invested just 5% more in your important relationships?

Join the Better Together masterclass to find out!

Powered by Springday, to support YOU, our community through this weird and wonderful time, we have invited The Intime Collective and FUNLOCKA to deliver a first of its kind social wellbeing masterclass: Better Together.

Entertainment, prizes, quizzes. We’ve got it all covered.

This is not another webinar. It’s your invitation to be part of something different, a chance to be Better Together and pick up some goodies to pay forward.

In the Better Together masterclass, you’ll pick up:

  1. What the latest research tells us about social connection
  2. Practical tools to support you building great relationships
  3. Simple hacks to create new micro-habits

Join us Thursday July 23rd, 10:30 am AEST

Say hello to your masterclass squad:

Presented by Louise Gilbert (the expert), director of The Intime Collective, a group of experts with over 30 year’s experience in relationship education collectively. Our goal is to transform the relationships of your employees, to optimise their personal wellbeing, and so they can bring their best selves to work.

Hosted by Luke Cook (the fun), is the Founder and Chief FUN officer of FUNLOCKA. Luke works with businesses in helping them create happy communities (employees & customers) by accessing rewarding experiences and solutions.

Powered by Springday: the one-stop health and wellbeing platform helping keep employees happy and healthy. Each month on the Springday platform, we bring to life a unique program covering 1 of the 5 wellbeing pillars (physical, mental, social, career, financial) with a hero wellbeing expert. This July, The Intime Collective is front and centre with a social wellbeing program.

“Given the times we are living in, and the spotlight on social connection right now, we wanted to bring this month’s wellbeing platform topic and expert to you live. We hope you walk away with some useful hacks to build better relationships; I know I will. See you there!” – Georgie Drury, founder & CEO


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