Our solutions consider the 'whole' being

Based on the five key pillars of wellbeing:

We work with you to curate bespoke wellbeing journeys.


Monthly Campaigns

Our monthly campaigns are sourced and curated by health and wellbeing experts. The campaigns are delivered as a series of articles, podcasts, videos and live webinars. The content on your platform can also be tailored to feature organisation-specific focuses and events.


Wellbeing Assessment Tools

Our platforms are embedded with the Wellbeing Check Tool and the Wellbeing Pulse Check. These wellbeing measurement tools are  based on around the five pillars to measure and provide data-driven insights on the health and wellbeing of your workforce.

Gmified Engagement

Gamified Engagement

All activities including monthly campaigns, activity challenges, and programs are designed to increase engagement through gamification. Users earn points for completing activities on the platform, which drives engagement. This can also be integrated with a rewards and recognition strategy.


Data Reports & Insights

We help you make informed, data-driven decisions. Our reporting helps to gauge employee engagement, while providing insights on key focus areas and identifying potential areas of risk. This helps to refine your wellbeing strategy to ensure you are meeting the needs of your organisation.

Movement Challenge

Our team-based Movement Challenge proven to activate your workforce.

Dedicated customer success manager to bring your hub to life.


Assess your organisational wellbeing needs


Develop wellbeing strategy and content delivery plan.


Deliver monthly campaigns and wellbeing resources.


Evaluate wellbeing & engagement scores to refine strategy.

3D Body Tracking

Opportunity to gain premium access to the revolutionary mPort 3D body scanning technology for detailed reporting on body measurements and vitals.

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In our latest whitepaper, we deep dive into one of the biggest challenges of wellbeing initiatives – the intention-action gap. We propose a solution to bridge the gap using theoretical frameworks and examples from the Springday wellbeing platforms. Download this paper to learn how to drive more effective wellbeing programs.