Wellbeing Assessment Tools

Measuring wellbeing can be challenging. That's why we've developed two key assessment tools to help organisations measure and improve employee wellbeing based on real data-driven insights.

Wellbeing Check Tool

The Wellbeing Check Tool (WCT) is a scientifically validated self-assessment survey developed by Springday in collaboration with Professor Nick Glozier from the University of Sydney. It provides a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s wellbeing and identifies areas of strength and improvement across all five pillars of wellbeing

The WCT provides tangible data for both employees and leaders, to help develop a tailored wellbeing strategy on an individual, team and organisational level.  

All of our data is de-identified to ensure employees feel comfortable accessing resources on the platform. This also allows you to deliver wellbeing strategies based on insights – moving your wellbeing decisions from anecdotal to data-driven.

wellbeing check tool
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The WCT provides data for both employees and leaders

Value for leaders

Delivers data-driven insights across the business to assess the wellbeing of your people and measure the impact of your wellbeing strategy.

Provides hard evidence to support the business case for targeted investment in wellbeing and ensures best use of your budget.

Encourages employee self-management of wellbeing risk factors via a personalised, data-driven hub of resources.

Aggregate data gives employees a collective voice to tell you what’s important, so that you can provide health and wellbeing services that make a real difference.

Value for employees

Delivers a wellbeing snapshot, personalised information and recommendations across a holistic set of lifestyle factors.

Empowers employees to take control of their wellbeing, determine goals and build healthy habits and track their progress over time.

Provides a gateway to your organisation’s resources, programs and support, so that people can engage with and learn about positive health and wellbeing choices.

Wellbeing Pulse

The Wellbeing Pulse is a real time barometer of wellbeing, in a quick sliding scale format. This tool is used both as a diary and feedback mechanism to provide a high-level snapshot of an individual’s wellbeing at a given time. 

This quick self-assessment only takes about five seconds to complete, and is designed to be used more regularly than the WCT, its more comprehensive counterpart. It is a time efficient tool to get real-time feedback on individual and organisational wellbeing. 

The Wellbeing Pulse gives real-time feedback on individual and organisational wellbeing

Value for leaders

Simple way to check wellbeing and engagement at any time.

Aggregate data gives employees a collective voice to tell you what’s important, so that you can provide health and wellbeing services that make a real difference.

Provides input for having more relevant and meaningful HR conversations.

Trend charts help to evaluate effectiveness of campaigns and initiatives and help with resource allocation.

Value for employees

Simple and time efficient way of logging and tracking wellbeing across the five pillars.

Enables employees to see progress across pillars over time.

Quick way to provide feedback to the employer on the status of their wellbeing.

Prompts employees to use the platform and its resources for proactively managing their wellbeing.

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