Challenges and workshops

Our challenges and workshops are designed to help you improve the wellbeing of your people, regardless of whether you are a small, medium or enterprise sized business.

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The Movement Challenge

4-week team-based challenge with a key focus on improving physical wellbeing and social connection.

Points awarded for all steps, movement and exercise.

Includes access to full wellbeing library, supporting marketing assets and a summary report.

Investment of $100 per person, minimum cost of $5,000.*

Happy Body, Happy Mind Challenge

4-week team-based challenge developed from the award- winning ‘Happy Body at Work’ program with a key focus on creating healthy habits.

Points awarded for daily healthy behaviours and team interactions.

Challenge includes access to full wellbeing library, supporting marketing assets and a summary report.

Investment of $100 per person, minimum cost of $5,000.*

Wellbeing Strategy Workshops

Designed for wellbeing managers and key business leaders.

Examines your current wellbeing journey and delivers a strategy for improvement.

Data-driven strategy for an organisational, team and individual approach.

Investment of $5,000 for half-day workshop or $8,000 for full-day workshop.

*For organisations with more than 200 employees, please contact us for a personalised and obligation free quote 

Movement Challenges

The Springday Movement Challenge is a fun and engaging way to promote positive behavioural change in your employees, while boosting team morale and engagement. 

The challenge runs for 4-weeks, with an additional 2-weeks of access before and after the challenge to get participants engaged and measure progress with pre- and post-challenge surveys.

The Movement Challenge goes beyond a typical step challenge by rewarding points for all types of movement and activities, making the challenge more accessible to all fitness levels and needs.

The challenge also focuses on content, community and gamification to keep it fun and engaging for all participants.

Happy Body, Happy Mind Challenge

The Happy Body, Happy Mind Challenge is based on the multi-award-winning ‘Happy Body at Work’ program, commissioned by ABC Commercial. 

The challenge focuses on habit stacking with each week targeting a specific behaviour change. On top of completing a daily diary around healthy habits for points, participants will also interact with the platform and their colleagues throughout the weeks to improve physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

An independent statistical ROI evaluation set ROI at 1:11 in terms of improved productivity, presenteeism and decreased absenteeism.

Wellbeing Strategy Workshops

Get started with creating a happier, healthier workforce for your people with a Springday Wellbeing Strategy Workshop.

These workshops are designed for your wellbeing managers and key business leaders, with the aim to look at your current wellbeing strategy and assess areas of improvement for your people.

An informed wellbeing strategy that aligns well with your health and safety practises will help you address risk factors within your work environment and enable employees to thrive.

It will also articulate your organisation’s commitment to employee wellbeing and help embed the strategy in your company’s overall vision and culture.   

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