Movement Challenges

Our team-based movement challenges can be integrated into your custom platform to help activate your workforce and improve their overall wellbeing.

Boost team morale with a healthy dose of competition

Our range of corporate step challenges and movement challenges are a fun and engaging way to promote positive behavioural change in your employees, while boosting team morale and engagement.

Our gamified team-based challenges encourage your teams to move more and feel better over a 4-week period. Team members can use any device, and link activity trackers and wearables to easily track their movement and earn points on the leaderboard.

Whether your group is ultra competitive or just looking to encourage healthy habits, our range of challenges are accessible to all fitness levels and needs. Users can track more than just steps, and earn points for all types of movement and activities.

On top of improving the physical wellbeing of your employees, ​our challenges also help to foster team spirit through a healthy dose of competition, whether your teams are working remotely or not. 

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Our movement challenges are driven by real results

Our movement challenges are proven to get your team moving, which improves their overall wellbeing. Our research and feedback from previous step challenges has shown that engaging in these challenges helps your employees to boost their energy levels , improve productivity, get better sleep, reduce stress and improve overall health.

Employee challenge feedback

We integrate with a range of wearable devices

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