Wellbeing programs

At Springday, we measure, inform and​ enable individuals to​ live happier and healthier lives. Programs are an enabling tool to help improve wellbeing.

Wellbeing Programs

Programs help employees take action towards improving their wellbeing. They are self-paced and self-guided engagement boosting tools that target specific habit or lifestyle changes through a mix of tips, hacks and activities from experts.

digital wellbeing programs


Bespoke expert wellbeing content sits within a separate program library.


Each program covers all five pillars: emotional, social, career, financial and physical.


Programs are self-guided and self-paced to give users flexibility and ownership.


Users are awarded leaderboard points for joining and progressing through programs.


Reminders are sent consistently to encourage users to engage and complete the program.


Snackable, easy to digest wellbeing content is served up to users daily or weekly.

Our programs benefit both teams and team leaders

Value for team leaders

Engagement data can be used to tailor your wellbeing strategy.

Wellbeing pulse data gives real-time feedback on individual and team wellbeing and measures program efficacy.

New bespoke programs can be built from your existing content providers to create a learning library.

Can be used to boost engagement across teams and organisational units.

Value for employees

Targeted habit or lifestyle changes over a short period of time.

Programs provide flexibility and allow on-the-go learning.

Gratification of earning extra points for completing a program.

Quick way to provide feedback to the employer on the status of their wellbeing and areas of interest through the wellbeing pulse.

Self-guided user journey for programs

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