Drop the excuses and find your motivation to move

When it comes to exercising or looking after our physical health, there is one thing that every individual is a master at – making excuses. According to research done in 2016 by The World Health Organisation, almost one-third of Australians aren’t getting enough exercise. The study tracked self-reported activity levels and found 30.4 per cent of Australian adults didn’t reach the recommended level of physical activity for staying healthy.

So, what are the common excuses that stop us from exercising and being physically fit?

1. ‘I don’t have time’ – Not having time is the most used excuse for not exercising regularly. However, this could be more of a prioritisation issue.  If you keep track of your daily activities, you will find that there are several ways in which you can incorporate more movement in your day. This can either be waking up 30 mins earlier to go for a walk or even simple measures like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

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2. ‘It’s too expensive’ – Another very common excuse that people make for not working out regularly is that “it’s too expensive”. Exercise does not always have to have a big price tag attached to it.  You don’t need to have an expensive gym membership or Personal Training sessions. For example, running and walking are both free forms of exercise. According to a survey in the US, just 20 minutes of daily walking is said to have anti-inflammatory effects that can stimulate the immune system and lower the risks of chronic conditions such as obesity.

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3. ‘Exercise is boring’ – For many, the concept of exercising every day is boring. But the catch here lies in the fact that you must find the exercise that is right for you. There are many types of exercise out there – Pilates, weights, yoga or HIIT are just a few. Try mixing and matching your training schedule to keep it exciting. Pick something that fits your schedule and keeps you motivated to carry on.

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4. ‘I’m too tired’ – Considering our busy schedules, being tired or feeling lethargic is perfectly normal. But instead of completely skipping the exercise routine, make it a point to get active, even if it’s just a short walk. Regular exercise actually boosts your energy levels. Combining exercise with a healthy diet and sufficient sleep will further help overcoming weariness.

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5. ‘I eat healthy’ – A common misconception many have is that eating healthy is enough to keep one fit. Although a healthy diet may help to maintain weight, exercising is what keeps you fit. Exercising provides several health benefits such as good blood circulation, increased flexibility and boosting energy levels, which complements and enhances the benefits of a healthy diet.

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Tips to overcome the excuses and stay motivated to move

Now that we have looked at the various excuses to avoid exercising, let’s look at how to overcome these hurdles and schedule exercise into your daily routine. 

1. Motivate yourself – Keep a positive mindset towards exercising. If you ever find yourself facing a stressful hurdle, don’t discount your efforts. Avoid using words like lazy, weak, impossible and failure. Give yourself the right amount of time to progress and remember transformation takes time and discipline.

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2. Schedule your workout sessions – Consider making your workout sessions a priority that cannot be overlooked. Even if it is for 15 minutes every day, schedule that short walk or go for a run routinely. You may even plan out your exercise sessions by taking an active approach towards that way you run errands. For example, walking to work or picking up your own lunch instead of having it delivered.

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3. Make exercise fun – Exercise can often turn out to be boring if you keep taking part in the same repetitive activities. Hence to avoid this, remember to add variety to your routine and rotate amongst several types of different activities. Also encourage your friends and family to accompany you to the park for a walk or to the gym. This will not only make exercising or training fun but also keep you more accountable.

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4. Avoid workouts that strain you – It is never advisable to jump into an exercise routine that is physically and mentally straining. It is important to assess your exercise routine and bring it a notch down in case it feels too strenuous. Starting small will not only prime your body but also build your fitness levels.

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In the quest for improving our health and fitness, one will come across several hurdles. The key to having a healthier lifestyle is to manoeuvre your way around these hurdles and keep challenging yourself to stay motivated to move!

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