New year news

I was going to start this blog by wishing you a happy new year but it’s already February and a bit too late for that. (Or is it?  Anyone got a Christmas tree fading in the corner?) In any case, I realised I was in time for the Lunar New Year, so here’s to a very successful and prosperous 2018, either way.

At this end, the year has started spectacularly and I have exciting news. I’m proud to announce Springday has acquired Happy Body at Work (HBAW), a leader in the Australian wellbeing landscape and as it happens, a particularly good fit with Springday’s role, strategy and ethos.

Happy Body at Work

HBAW was launched in 2013, a joint venture between Anna-Louise Bouvier, the well-known physiotherapist and mind-body commentator, and the ABC. HBAW offers multimedia programs – hard copy, digital, online and via an app – to help companies give staff a range of innovative, scalable mental and physical wellbeing solutions. The programs are based on organisational needs and like Springday, they use gamification and reward to engage users. Like Springday too, HBAW provides IT and program support, resources, surveys and reporting.

To date, HBAW programs have been delivered to over 40,000 employees in both public and private sectors, including the Department of Health and Social Services Victoria, the ATO, ASX, CSIRO and many private schools. And they’ve won many awards, including for example in 2017 the Amy digital Awards (for best website and online service – health and wellbeing) and the Mental Health Matters Awards  (for best wellbeing project, best employee engagement technology and best wellbeing digital solution).

So you can imagine how excited we were, when the opportunity arose, to join forces. Separately, both companies were growing fast, but HBAW wanted to increase their digital resources and Springday wanted more administrative heft, and also to expand into a more hands-on space with companies. As they say, win-win!

Especially important for all of us is the amalgamation of our teams. HBAW’s entire team is coming over to Springday and Anna-Louise Bouvier, I’m pleased to announce, will be taking on a new consulting role as Head of Go To Market, working on program development, engagement and user experience across our entire Springday offering. 

What does this mean?

Both Springday and HBAW clients will have access to an expanded suite of resources and expertise. We’ll also have an expanded range of delivery modes, which means we can customise strategies and offerings even more than before. We’ll have more expertise in developing and delivering wellbeing, as well as in advising organisations on the best way to implement our content.

What makes me happiest, however, is the synergy between Springday and HBAW’s values. Both of us want to help people be healthier, to turn the old HR paradigm – not to deal with staff till they become ill – on its head. Instead, our aim is to help employees and organisations be healthy, happy and engaged, mentally and physically, both at work and outside. 

So here’s to an exciting and fruitful 2018. I’m looking forward to building Springday into an even better experience, and having you with me on the journey makes it even sweeter.  So, to all, Kung Hei Fat Choy and here’s to the Year of the Dog.

What’s New?

More Springday News
Springday joins research conglomerate

I’m proud to say Springday is part of a research conglomerate aiming to change the face of health delivery in Australia.

Our group, the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) includes representatives from industry, universities and health providers, all working together to develop a digital health ecosystem model centred on the consumer. We believe that by developing digital health care in Australia we can reduce the cost of healthcare delivery, improve patient outcomes and generate wealth.

We’ve just presented our case to the government as part of a bid for long-term CRC program funding. Fingers crossed, and I’ll let you know more when I do.

International developments

At the time of writing, I’m in Manila. As I mentioned last year, Springday’s model is attracting a great deal of international interest and that’s why I’m earning more frequent flyer points than Elon Musk. In addition to New Zealand, Springday now has a presence in Hong Kong and in the past few months I’ve visited China, Malaysia and the Philippines, talking to industry leaders and presenting at conferences. 


Are you a budding entrepreneur? As part of International Women’s Day, Heads over Heels and the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship are co-hosting a panel event, Igniting Opportunity, to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to turn big ideas into reality.

I’ll be on the panel, along with Alice Pearlman of Sidelines; Professor Susan Pond, from the University of Sydney, and Silvia Pfiffer, from Coviu. There’ll be time for Q&A and networking as well.

It’s happening on Thursday, 8 March, 2018 in Sydney, from 11.45am to 2pm. You can find the details and register for tickets here.

What else is going on?

Chile declares war on obesity: obesity is a crisis across the world. Chile, facing skyrocketing obesity rates, is doing something about it, trying to transform the eating habits of 18 million people by  restricting marketing, redesigning packaging and changing labeling laws.

UK creates first Ministry of Loneliness: confirming that loneliness is a serious health concern, the Brits have created a Minister of Loneliness. The toll taken by loneliness is immense but people are wondering what can actually be done to improve the situation. This short piece discusses ideas, from rerouting buses to providing social contact.

Do you have a purpose in life? If you don’t, or aren’t sure, read this. Our purposes, says John Coleman, aren’t found; they’re built, over time.

Science in the tropics. This lovely travel piece is about a holiday in Sabah, Borneo, and how its amazing natural attractions helped the author, Darren Saunders,  crystallise his science thinking.