We build custom digital wellbeing hubs by understanding your organisation’s strategy and objectives and provide an engagement strategy aligned to achieving those outcomes.



We make it a priority to understand your organisation’s strategy and objectives so we can help you design an engagement strategy aligned to achieving those objectives.



Customised Platform

Springday works with each client to understand their objectives, existing assets and programs, gaps, what’s working well and what needs to be improved.  Once we have an understanding of the organisation’s culture and strategy, we design and build a client branded platform to help bring these to life.


Monthly Campaigns

At the heart of Springday’s offering are our monthly wellbeing marketing campaigns.  We work with each client to align these campaigns with organisation specific focuses and events, alongside supporting content from leading health and wellbeing professionals delivered in the form of articles, videos and podcasts.



At Springday, our number one focus is engagement. All activities including onboarding campaigns, activity challenges, programs and monthly tasks are designed to drive engagement.  A critical element of engaging users is gamification – users earn points for completing activities and points can be used to drive a rewards and recognition strategy.

Data and Insights

We analyse the data collected via our platform and the proprietary Wellbeing Check Tool to offer insights into the health and wellbeing of users. Springday works closely with organisations to identify key risk areas and target them with recommended programs, internal assets and content to deliver improved outcomes.  This enables organisations to make more meaningful decisions and to be more targeted with their health and wellbeing spend.


Defining Success

Springday understands the importance of jointly creating measures of success at the beginning of our relationships with clients.  We work with clients in the planning stage to understand what success looks like and to agree how we will jointly achieve that success.  We call this a 50/50 partnership.



The Wellbeing Check Tool, created and validated by the University of New South Wales, gives users a snapshot of their wellbeing across five pillars: physical, social, emotional, financial and career.  It encourages individual self-management of wellbeing risk factors via a personalised, data driven recommendation engine of internal resources.

The Wellbeing Check Tool provides the ability to assess and proactively support organisational and departmental wellbeing and experience while identifying potential areas of risk.  It is a vehicle for delivering data driven insights via a real time dashboard for leaders across the business to assess the real time wellbeing status of their people and the impact of organisational work practices.

The Springday Wellbeing Model is, in essence, a “quantified self”, a core set of 58 variables  that impact on an individual’s overall sense of wellbeing. 

Springday helps users and organisations achieve their “best self”, by understanding the interdependent relationship between how one feels (states), what they do (habits, skills, traits) and what happens to them (externalities). 


Our dashboards give stakeholders real-time insight into aggregated user engagement.  They show leaders areas where their people are feeling supported or performing at their best and also identify areas of risk.

By understanding what’s working well and not so well, organisations can implement targeted interventions to improve user outcomes.  Springday supports organisations by making recommendations on activities or marketplace programs that will address risk areas.

Springday provides reports to organisations on programs and activities such as onboarding campaigns and activity challenges to show how effective these programs have been in driving engagement.



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