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Springday Calendar 2022

An overview of the next 12 months of wellbeing content, outlining key themes and objectives of each month’s campaign.

That's a Wrap!

With Dave Hughes, Timothy James Bowen, Sue Langley, Troy Morgan and Natalie Dawes

Past Events

natalie dawes

Grow With The Flow

Growing in leadership, life, and career with Natalie Dawes

Positive Mental Health

Putting strategies into practice with Sue Langley

Boost Your Wealthbeing

Investing tips to help you thrive with Chris Brycki


In conversation with Rachael Lynch

You Snooze, You Lose

How your sleep and body clocks impact productivity and performance with Dr Elise Facer-Childs

Mental Spinach

Work-life balance with
Jess and Ian Pollard

Trust Your Gut

Prevention Program for Bowel Cancer with Nick Lee, Founder and Chair of the Jodi Lee Foundation

Wellbeing Matters - In Conversation with Mark Steinert

A lunch and learn session that deep dives into employee wellbeing from a CEO's perspective

Master Your Mindset

Lessons in mindfulness with Chelsea Pottenger

Mind Over Matter

Stay motivated to move with Kendrick Louis, Ironman Champion.

Food and Mood

TOP 5 nutrition hacks for seeking wellbeing with Anneliese Twigg from Nutrition Australia.

Goal-setting and Accountability​

Masterclass with​​ Graham Dobbin, Trainer, Business Coach, International Management and Change Consultant

Cooking with Colin Fassnidge

Learn from the very Masterchef on tips and recipes to serve up delicious and wholesome holiday meals.

Finding Equilibrium

Designed to help you discover the techniques and tools needed to take proactive control of your career and overall wellbeing.

Happy Body Happy Mind

presented by Springday's wellbeingpreneur: Troy Morgan, and designed to help YOU find ways to a happier and healthier YOU.

Better Together

An intimate session on building close connections with our relationships expert Louise Gilbert, founder of The Intime Collective.

Simple ways to show more employee appreciation in your workplace, which can increase employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity and retention.

ISO has published the world’s first International Standard to address psychological health in the workplace. What is it and what does it mean for your organisation?  

Measuring Wellbeing:

A Comprehensive Approach to Understanding Yourself and Your People

Past Whitepapers

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